As your external marketing department we will undertake:

…yes, it's that simple

Who We Are

Regarding Marketing is an outsourced solution for small to medium sized businesses – We are an external marketing department.

With proven success in the development and implementation of marketing plans across all industries Regarding Marketing was born out of the GFC in 2008. Regarding Marketing has quickly grown a client base across various sectors including property, retail services, product launches and trades.

Not wanting to duplicate the corporate sector, Director Trudi McConnell elected to conduct ‘work’ through the ‘Re-Think’ model as advocated by Libby Sander and explained no better than by Ricard Semler, ‘It’s very simple - the repetition, boredom and aggravation that too many people accept as an inherent part of working can be replaced with joy, inspiration and freedom.”

Regarding Marketing’s operating environment consists of home offices, coffee shops, client spaces and just that, freedom for employees and subcontractors to be, and achieve all they can without bureaucracy and hierarchies set out in traditional work spaces.

Each individual who has elected to work under the umbrella of Regarding Marketing has an area of expertise and is offered an opportunity to maximise this, in the industry of their choosing.

Regarding Marketing’s philosophy is based on the principles of the books, ‘The Four Hour Working Week by T. Ferriss and the Seven day weekend, written by Dustin Dollin. As a result of mutual trust and individual need for productivity, Regarding Marketing attracts results driven, like minded and conscientious employees and contractors.

All its people are ‘Gurus’ and add value to deliver results for our clients. It’s that simple. Regarding Marketing is not an agency - we are a solution for medium sized businesses that don’t have the luxury or need for a permanent in-house marketing department.

We work solely on results driven strategic plans and implementation of products and services. As a service only enterprise, its people are its assets. With this underlying philosophy, Regarding Marketing can be financially resourceful for its clients and always under promises and over delivers no matter who the client.