Mixed use

A delicate balance and a 'one to many' solution is required for this one.  Many developers use various channels to sell in mixed use – Commercial, Retail and Residential.  Because of this disjointed sales focus, developers tend to re-invent the wheel with every property offering under the one umbrella which ends up costing thousands.  Regarding Marketing can show you how to get economies for the various products under the one brand and achieve desired sales rates. 

Southport Central

Southport Central has been the most complex project undertaken by Regarding Marketing. It consists of 3 residential towers which have been built over the course of 6 years. In addition to this, its home to over 46,000sqm of commercial space and at its feet, 128 retail shops. In essence, Southport Central is the largest mixed use development under construction (almost complete) in Australia today 2009). A very ambitious project with excellent results. The marketing dilemma that presents itself here, is the big story that needs to be told and dealing with 3 concurrent project lifecycles all running simultaneously.