Land developments

Not all land is created equal and each is faced with its respective challenges – from sloping blocks, to small flat blocks, to limiting locations. Its our job to analyse the projects and come up with solutions to negate the negative and accentuate the positives.

Regatta Waters

Sometimes the last blocks are the most difficult to move and pricing them right is just as difficult, particularly when the blocks are somewhat unique in some cases. It turned our strategy to block by block parcelling and moving them while creating an upmarket display village on the slightly unique section. Along with this, Regatta Waters was running all three sectors of its lifecycle simultaneously – completed and built on stock, registered stock and under construction stock. This brought many people to the estate given the various portals of advertising and the open agency policy. The Estate is now completely sold.

Park Lake

Park Lake final stages represented major issues given that retaining walls exceeding 1m were no longer permitted by council. Most of the blocks had gradients of 6m. Together with the outsourced sales team, we approached builders who created composition material homes-lightweight construction and put together house and land packages priced for the area. Together with this, there was a collaborative effort on the advertising front. This project is now complete.

Rushwood Thornlands

A stunning estate in East Brisbane but the lots were moving very slowing given the year was a land consolidation year. We contacted the QMBA who agreed that a display village would be well worth it in the area. The estate sold out soon thereafter.